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Peter Wellington

I've enjoyed the outdoors and nature my entire life (and have the skin damage to prove it), and always knew that had to be part of my career.  I've also had a life long curiosity about science and how things work - as a toddler my parents' nickname for me was Peter How due to my constant questions, and my eighth grade yearbook said I'd probably end up as a stand-in for the monkey at Cape Canaveral.  It took me until my late 20's to discover a field that would satisfy my vocational passions - growing and making wine.

Winemaking never gets boring; it stimulates both frontal lobes.  The near infinite variations of grapes and wines constantly lead to both creative and analytical challenges.  In winemaking, as in baseball, you see something you've never seen before almost every time you make wine / go to a game.

If that wasn't enough, I get to make something that contributes to the enjoyment of life, and I get to share it with lots of people.  I love my job (well, except for the running a business part and the dealing with myriad bureaucracies part and the worrying about money part).